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The Vapor Tower vaporizer is a tower-designed (vertical) device used in extracting aromatic and therapeutic gases from herb plants. The best vaporizer units, like those of Vapor Tower, run on electricity and three types of voltage, from which users may choose. It is equipped with vaporizer whips that are usually made of pharmaceutical silicone. Essential gases pass through these whips to be breathed in by the user.

How Does it Work?

Operating the Vapor Tower herb vaporizer starts by placing the herb stems or leaves in between two screens that are usually made of tempered or blown glass. Heat, which is close to boiling point, is applied by means of a convection process, that is, heat passes through the herb, which then releases the important essences through the process of vaporization. These fumes are channeled through vaporizer whips for eventual inhaling.

A Safer Way to Enjoy Herbs

The best vaporizer and vaporizer whips from the Vapor Tower are a first choice for many people as an alternative to smoking or burning herbs. The methods of fuming produce gases that contain tar and carcinogens that encourage the growth of cancer cells. Notwithstanding, flames have the potential of becoming a destructive fire when left unattended and carried out haphazardly.

Compared to traditional smoking, vaporization has also been proven to be more effective in bringing out the helpful gasses in many herbal plants. It retains a higher percentage of both the aroma and efficacy of the cannabis types, hence, maximized to their full therapeutic and healing potentials.

Voltage and Heat

The same aroma and efficacy extracted in higher levels can also dissipate as they pass inside the vaporizer whips. In order to enjoy the full benefits of the best vaporizer units from Vapor Tower, it’s important to take in the fumes immediately after vaporization. Higher voltage units have the advantage of doing the job more quickly, but it will consume more electricity in the process.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Vapor Tower vaporizer units are between $199 and $260 in today’s online shopping sites. The price is dictated by a customer’s choice on type of grinder, the number of screen packs, and extra replacements purchased for the vaporizer whips, adapter, and hand kit.

What Does the Price Include?

The standard Vapor Tower Vaporizer would have the main box, which is made of wood, in one of four different color schemes. It also includes one silicone tube with a blown glass mouthpiece, a hand kit, an acrylic grinder and a stirring tool. For a few extra dollars, replacement vaporizer whips and screens can be bought. It is one of the best vaporizer packages available. Of course, product warranty is also part of the package.

Where Do I Get One?

Purchasing the Vapor Tower vaporizer can be done quickly through online shopping sites, but your best deal is going to come straight from the source – the Vapor Store, who makes the Vapor Tower. The Vapor Store sells the vapor tower for just $199 in all 4 stains (colors) and includes several extras. You will get Free Shipping, a Free Grinder, a Free Aroma Bowl and Free Stir Tools with your purchase. Hit the green button or the banner below to grab your Vapor Tower now and, as always, be sure to come back and share your review with us.

bestvaporizer Vapor Tower Review

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Battery Lifen/a
Cool Down Time5 Min
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Heating ElementCeramic
Heat Up Time5-7 Min
PriceFrom $199
Temp SettingsDial Control
Weight4.5 lbs
Vapor Tower Review4.45bestvaporizer2012-05-28 12:54:34The Vapor Tower vaporizer is a tower-designed (vertical) device used in extracting aromatic and therapeutic gases from herb plants. The best vaporizer…
Best Vaporizer,Vaporizer ReviewsFrom $199Vapor Tower ReviewThe Vapor Tower vaporizer is a tower-designed (vertical) device used in extracting aromatic and therapeutic gases from herb plants. The best vaporizer…
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