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Vaporizers aren’t really new inventions, but no one can deny that they are off the hook cool and everyone should have one.  But the challenge to find the best vaporizer isn’t as easy as it used to be with so many on the market now, and new ones coming out all the time.  Also, when you decide to buy a vaporizer, it’s really an individual choice.  Some want a big mack-daddy thing that sits in the their living room while others are searching for the best portable vaporizer or pocket vaporizer.  You can go wild either way.

Since most folks have an idea of which direction they want to go already, portable vs. non and whip vs. balloon,  we’ve actually decided to get a bit specialized with the review sites so that you look at just that particularwhipvaporizer Best Vaporizer Reviews   Top Vaporizers Guide sort of vaporizer that you’re after and not get bogged down by other non-relevant shit.  So, this one is all about the WHIP – whip vaporizers galore – every type – box vaporizers, non-box, towers, hands-free, non-hands free, digital, non-digital.  You get the point.

As far as whip vaporizers go, the design and choices are just incredible and, really, most people want a home vaporizer even if they have a pocket vaporizer also.  So, check our review of the silver surfer vaporizer, the da buddah vaporizer, the arizer extreme q and every other whip vaporizer that we can get ahold of.  We will be looking at cheap vaporizers and top of the line and will make sure that you get the best vaporizer for the money.

Regardless of why you hunt the best vaporizer, we are set up to help out.  This site lists some of the top vaporizer products on the net and tells you where you can buy vaporizers for sale online, without getting ripped off.  Here’s something you may not know – some review sites will refer you to the SAME online dealer for EVERY vaporizer simply because they pay the best commissions.   We DON’T do that.  You find out which online seller has the BEST deal on each vaporizer that we review, regardless of their commission structure, or even if they pay a referral fee AT ALL!  We’ll also provide a ton of content and much more.  Stick around and come back often.  It’s going to be epic!

And – should be interested in a Balloon vaporizer – check our Balloon Vaporizers Reviews Site Here.  OR – if you’re on the hunt for the best portable vaporizer – Check out this site.   All the best.

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Tips for Storing and Maintaining a Vaporizer

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The best vaporizer costs over two hundred dollars. These days, that is a lot of money to spend for a device used primarily for keeping a vice. Like most good things in the world, an herb vaporizer is susceptible to elements that can compromise its condition and performance. The first step to prevent untimely damage and prolong the life of an herb vaporizer is to be aware of the causes:best vaporizer2 300x201 Tips for Storing and Maintaining a Vaporizer






Awareness of these root causes to possible damages is best followed by practical measures to manage them, if not completely eliminate. Heeding these few simple steps will make sure that the unit is used to its fullest for a longer time than what one may expect:





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How to Choose the Right Vaporizer

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Nowadays, more and more people are becoming conscious of their health. Thus, it is not a surprise that healthy products are selling like hot cakes in various shops. The vaporizers, for instance, are one of the products that are getting great following today.

best vaporizers 300x263 How to Choose the Right Vaporizer

But how do you choose the right and best vaporizer for your home? Here are some tips to help you out.


For one, it is always best that before you make the actual purchase, you must make it a point to find out more about vaporizers in general—like the functions and other details—and then go on to the specifics—like differences across brands. In this regard, it is best to read as much vaporizer reviews as you can.


These reviews will give you a general idea about vaporizers and what you should expect from them. This way, you can be properly guided when you choose vaporizers for your home.


And by reviews, these include both the vaporizer reviews from experts as well as the customers who have used the products themselves.


The expert reviews will be of great help because they will give you a clearer idea about the technical details. These reviews are the ones you should read if you want to know how vaporizers work. They will also indicate the features that are necessary to make vaporizers efficient and of high quality. Thus, you will know what to look for when making the actual purchase.


More so, there are some expert reviews which actually point out which is the best vaporizer according to some criteria. They compare across brands and types so you will have a good idea as to the popular and technically good brands.


When it comes to user or customer reviews, these are very much useful because they came from the people who have actually purchased and used the product themselves. Essentially, this is first hand information. And more often than not, they will tell you about the actual performance of the product, what the pros and cons are, and if it is really worth your money.


A lot of user reviews also pinpoint which is the best vaporizer for them. This is, again, based on their actual usage. This is mainly because there are times that users switch from one brand or type of vaporizer to another because they are not qualified with the quality of the ones they previously bought.


In the same manner, you can also compare across vaporizer reviews. For instance, if there are a lot of users saying that this brand or type is the best vaporizer, then it could really be the best there is.


Finally, one thing you must remember about reviews though is that some of them were written as press releases. Meaning, the writers who made them were paid to say good things about the products. Thus, you have to be very careful when reading and choosing reviews. And this is also why it is best if you can read as much vaporizer reviews as you can.

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How to Choose the Right Vaporizer

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You have decided that you want to stop smoking and look for a better alternative? You are right in coming here to search for that option because you can buy the best vaporizer but it might not be easy if this is your first one. That there are so many vaporizer brands in the market may make it a daunting task to buy a good vaporizer. Thankfully, you can always look at the vaporizer reviews that have been posted by other users to see what they recommend. This should make buying easier and faster rather than just jumping headlong into the market and making a blind buy.

A vaporizer is the best thing for you if you are looking for a better way of beating the irritating habit of smoking. But before you buy one, you want to be sure that you have chosen the right one and that you are getting the best value for your money. Luckily, after reading this article you should be able to make buying the best vaporizer a fast job. Of course, vaporizer reviews can be a bit misleading because they are the opinions of different people. Therefore, each review would express an opinion different from the others. Therefore, in the best vaporizer review, you should look out for:

vaporizer reviews How to Choose the Right Vaporizer

While you must agree that all the above factors must be quite a handful for any product, they are the best assurance you can ever have from a manufacture to assure you that you have the best product. Take, for example, the money back guarantee. This lets you use the product for a given time, say, like two weeks and if you are not pleased with  it, you return it and get a full refund of your money back, or a certain percentage of the money that you had paid. That is why it is important that you look at several vaporizer reviews before you buy, because they are the closest accounts of what you can expect from the best vaporizer.

If you are reading the vaporizer reviews for the first time, you must be wondering what is so special about them (vaporizers). These are the next best option for a smoker who wants to inhale his herbs comfortably and with no hindrances at all. A vaporizer does just that, it releases harmless vapors when you inhale and exhale. This poses no danger at all to your family, including children. The active ingredients of the tobacco or herbs that you smoke that may be released into the atmosphere turn into water after cooling down. Since the best vaporizer will be portable, you can carry it to the pub, restaurants and other places where smoking is prohibited. You will love every bit of this and what’s more, if you have ever wished to stop smoking, then this is the alternative but first, read the vaporizer reviews.

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Some Common Mistakes When Using A Vaporizer

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Now that it is easier to get cheap vaporizers in the market, these simple devices might as well become the invention of the century since they seem to be doing so well in the market. The race is now on for the best vaporizers. Everyone who is into aromatherapy or wants a better alternative to smoking is looking for one. Not only is the vaporizer used for medicinal purposes but it is also used for entertainment purposes. The good thing is that the market has  something for everyone and therefore it doesnot matter what you need because you will get it. mistakes Some Common Mistakes When Using A Vaporizer

Before you buy though, you might want to know some of the most common mistakes that people make and when they fail to realize the maximum effect, they blame the cheap vaporizers while they are to blame. You should avoid such mistakes. But first, do you have one of the best vaporizers? If no, check our vaporizer reviews and find yourself one of the top vaporizers to buy that suits your needs.  If yes, then you should do the following to make sure that you enjoy maximum effect:

  1. Know the right amount of herbs that you should put in your vaporizers. The lesser that you put, the better because hot air can then  circulate all around the  herbs producing the best dense vapor that you have ever had. In fact, if you cram the vaporizer with herbs, then you will get lesser vapor. If you have one of the best cheap vaporizers and you use it just right, you will be surprised how easily you can get maximum benefit.
  2. Get high quality herbs, and then use them for a few times only so that you do not inhale useless vapor. In fact, you should ask about how many times you can use the substance when you buy it at the health store. Luckily, the best vaporizers substances can be used a few times, say thrwillie nelson uses vaporizer 224x300 Some Common Mistakes When Using A Vaporizeree or four times without the effect of the herbs diminishing.
  3. Make sure that you heat your substance just right. If you overheat it, then most likely it will produce a bad flavor because you will “overcook” your herbs. Many people have the notion in mind that the higher the temperature, then the denser the vapor. Others think, albeit wrongly, that the cheap vaporizers will not give them the effect and service that they desire. This is wrong because you can save your money on your vaporizer and still get the best vapor out of it.
  4. Use small herbs, fine ones if possible, as opposed to packing in big herbs. The idea here is to let the hot air circulate all over, all around the herb to make sure that you get dense and continuous vapor. Your vaporizer, whether it is expensive or just one of the cheap vaporizers, will give you many benefits but only if you do everything right. In a nut shell, the best vaporizers are liable to give you the best vapor if you don’t:
  • Pack big herbs
  • Over pack your vaporizer with herbs
  • Turn on the temperature too high
  • Reuse your herbs for far too long. Use only a few times and then dump.
  • Inhale the vapor in the correct manner

Always use the best vaporizers for the best results.

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The Specifics of a Whip Vaporizer and How They Work

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Vaporizing is the healthy alternative resort to ritualistic, traditional or even medicinal methods of smoking herbs. It avoids the actual burning of herbs that releases tar, toxins and carcinogens elements to enter the body. A vaporizer steams the herb to produce vapor that releases all the healthy elements minus the negative ones to enter the body instead as pure vapor. Whether you make use of other types of vaporizers like balloon or bag vaporizers, portable or vaporizer whips, they all deliver the same health benefits that ordinary smoke will not do. The use of a commercial vaporizer is more advisable than home-made ones because the latter may include harmful elements present in the device itself like aluminum or other metal, plastics and glue that when heated could release poisonous vapors that are dangerous to one’s health.

A specific type of vaporizer that is recommendable are the whip vaporizers. It is one of the best alternatives to absorb all the active ingredients in cannabis, tobacco and herbs through the vaporization process as opposed to the actual smoking of those. How to work with whip vaporizers: -both Copy 209x300 The Specifics of a Whip Vaporizer and How They Work

vaportower whole handkit webL 300x272 The Specifics of a Whip Vaporizer and How They Work
It is recommended to set separate vaporizer whips in each herb you use because some of them can leave odor on the glass.  If at times you smell nothing but pure air, try to slower your inhale and adjust the vaporizer whip loosely or you can also higher the heat control knob. If your herbs became blackened it means your heat is way too hot so you can control it again to mid-moderate one. Getting accustomed with your vaporizer whip will let you know what adjustment works for you best. It takes about five (5) minutes for the vaporization to take place other than if it is digital the process can cut into half.

Apply caution in choosing your kind of herbs especially marijuana that other countries will not accept unless for specific treatment on some patients. Some drugs and herbs can also be harmful when excessively used. Get oriented with the kind of herbs you will use, research about them as much as possible. Consider studying their side effects before further continuing. The internet can always give the right factual information on those as well as the best whip vaporizers currently available in the net.

Also, position the whip vaporizers away from highly-combustible materials. There is always know-how in proper use of your newly-purchased vaporizer, read and understand the steps aside from what was told in this article. On top of them all, it is just prim and proper to start in small quantity of herb, examine its benefits before you increase your consumption. All the more, enjoy pleasurable vaporizing without the perils of harming the respiratory system.

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Why Vaporizers are Great Alternatives to Smoking

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More and more people today are making wellness as one of their routines in life. Companies that provide programs and products for a healthier and less stressful lifestyle are mushrooming these days. It is quite common that they come in the form of the latest diet and food supplements. But there is one wellness option that is quickly becoming popular among the buffs: Vaporizers. After reading various vaporizer reviews, people try out and buy vaporizer units in all shapes and sizes. Reasons more than one may help explain this phenomenon.

Smokers, in particular, are increasingly opting to buy herb vaporizer devices as alternatives to either cigarette sticks, roling papers, traditions pipes and even bongs.vaporizers2 Why Vaporizers are Great Alternatives to SmokingAlmost all vaporizer reviews online today encourage the use of these products due to, first and foremost, the health benefits. Burning both the cannabis plant and tobocco leaves releases tar and carcinogens—causes for cancer cells to increase—along with the nicotine, as in the case of cigarettes. A vaporizer, on the other hand, allows the smoker to enjoy the habit, minus a majority of the health hazards that go with it.

Moreover, a cigarette smoker who chooses to buy vaporizer finds that it can be used without posing danger to the lungs of friends and family around. Second-hand smoke can be just as fatal as direct smoking. That it is eliminated with the use of vaporizers is yet another great advantage, to which many vaporizer reviews today attest. Using it could mean not just saving the life of the smoker, but also of others, many of who are non-smokers.

Those who buy the best vaporizer products do great service to their environment as well. If one would check out vaporizer reviews in the Internet, there is no debate on the fact that vaporizers, as a replacement for burning cigarette sticks and blunts, helps reduce air pollution. Indeed, advocates for a greener environment are espousing for a greater proliferation of herb vaporizers, especially in countries where a significant percentage of the population enjoy the habit of smoking.

Compared to traditional burning, writers of vaporizer reviews are also of the opinion that vaporization is a much better process in retaining aroma and flavors of herb plants. As more people who buy vaporizer devices realize this, there is now a promising trend of using the same idea and concept in the art and science of culinary. Vaporizing vegetables and meat portions are performed in more kitchens today more than ever. Besides efficiency, there is also pleasure and unique experience attributed to using vaporizing whips and bags as part of the dish presentations by modern chefs.

Besides health and wellness, vaporizer reviews also boasts of financial benefits from using such equipment. If a person consumes yearly a pack of cigarettes a day, which, for purposes of illustration, costs a dollar, a whopping $365 is spent. When he or she chooses to buy vaporizer that costs $160, it can be used for two or three years, even longer, if well maintained. A significant amount of savings is achieved in two or three years’ time of its use, even if it is operated on a 220V outlet.

Even though there are many types, the key is to buy an herb vaporizer that is quality and comes from a trusted source.  Not sure where to start?  Check out our Vaporizer Reviews page for the top recommended whip vaporizers and suppliers and go from there.

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Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

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The Silver Surfer vaporizer is one of a kind, having been molded with ground glass technology which makes this device easy to use as well as having a hands free optional add-on. According to Silver Surfer vaporizer reviews that have been conducted by several organizations, there are a number of similarities as well as differences between the ground glass silver surfer vaporizer and the standard vaporizers available in the market today.

Committed to Excellence

Needless to debate, it is evident that the silver surfer vaporizer is designed to allow for ease of usage. This is effectively backed up by the fantastic style, unmatched durability as well as outstanding functionality. This vaporizer is not only developed in Colorado, but it is also manufactured there. This means that you can trust there’s a great emphasis on quality, as well as durability and you may be (pleasantly) surprised at the price tag attached with this kind of craftsmanship and quality assurance.


The manufacturers of this vaporizer have been working on it in a bid to perfect it for the last six years. The very first Silver surfer vaporizer model has been in use for at least five years and is perfectly functional, thereby backing up the lifetime warranty that is applicable to both the housing of the vaporizer as well as the labor and not forgetting the three year warranty for the ceramic-based heating element.

Innovative Design

It is only this vaporizer that also has the wand for quick change that enables you to change the screen in a matter of seconds with complete ease. The heating element that is angled is also patented and it enables the wand to point upwards at any given time thus no material can fall out or even get in touch with the element.

Quick Stable Heating

A number of Silver surfer vaporizer reviews indicate that this device comes with a ceramic heater that is of high quality hence it allows it fastens the heating up of the vaporizer as well as allow it to last longer compared to the other conventional metallic heating elements.

Unique – to each their own

Surprisingly, you can never find any two silver surfer vaporizers that look alike with features such as glass marble that is handmade, matching covers for the heater as well as the temperature knob. This vaporizer also allows you to change the color of the base plate as it offers a color combo and is interchangeable.

Never-ending Optimization

Silver surfer vaporizer reviews also describe this vaporizer as the only one that takes into consideration the views of its customers hence the constant review and fine tuning to meet the needs of its targeted users. A good example is the angled heating that was adopted to avoid burning of the material. Also incorporated is the 10 foot cable that ensures the vaporizer does not make a demand on the user to go where it is, rather the user can place it where they want. This vaporizer also has a bag that is custom made for carrying it in style while ensuring safety. The bag is also made by the manufacturer of the device.

You can purchase this vaporizer from lots of vaporizer websites on the Internet. But if you really want to get a good deal, you can get it for $249.99 at Vaporizer Giant. This website is one of the leading sellers of vaporizers on the Internet and, because this is the lowest price you’ll find, they are generally out of stock. You will also get a free herb grinder and herb sample with every vaporizer purchase AND Free Shipping. So, go ahead and give these guys a look – by Clicking HERE.

Otherwise, your best deal is from Vapor Nation, who sells the Silver Surfer vap for just $20 more and has it in all the way cool colors. At Vapor Nation, you will also get a Free Herb Grinder, Free Herbs Sample, Free Shipping and a Free Bonus Gift (Choice of: Cleaning Solution, T-shirt or padded bag). The Green Button below will take you to Vapor Nation for this deal to pick up your Silver Surfer. Don’t forget to leave your feedback after you do.

bestvaporizer Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

images Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review4.6bestvaporizer2012-05-28 12:50:38The Silver Surfer vaporizer is one of a kind, having been molded with ground glass technology which makes this device easy to use as well as having a …
Best Vaporizer,Vaporizer ReviewsFrom $249Silver Surfer Vaporizer ReviewThe Silver Surfer vaporizer is one of a kind, having been molded with ground glass technology which makes this device easy to use as well as having a …
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How Do Herb Vaporizers Work And What Is Vaporization All About?

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Whether you buy high end or cheap vaporizers, the truth is that they all work towards the same goal. Of course, you may decide that you are only an end user of the vaporizer and that you want nothing to do with it’s mechanics. However, if you want to understand your device better and be able to maintain it in the best way possible, then you have to know how it works. Needleless to say, when you know how vaporization works, you can then be able to get one of the best vaporizers from the market. Thankfully, here we teach you the basics of the operations of vaporizers. Note that the size of the vaporizer does not matter, because a vaporizer is a vaporizer is a vaporizer.

Understanding how cheap vaporizers work is not rocket science. On the contrary, it is very easy. When you know how it works, if it stops working you can be able to troubleshoot and probably diagnose the problem, then get down to putting it right again. Different brands of the best vaporizers will work differently, but the basic concept is usually the same. Perhaps you should get a user guide to see how you should set your vaporizer just right.

Herbal vaporizers work with herbs as the substance. The process of vaporizing starts with setting the temperature. Turn yours just right, as advised in the user guide. Invaporization How Do Herb Vaporizers Work And What Is Vaporization All About? the best vaporizers, the element will turn red when it is heating. By this time, you should have loaded the herbs into the loading chamber according to the instructions in the user manuals. Remember that even the cheap vaporizers should come with a user manual.

Attach or hold the handpiece to the heating element and put the plastic, or blown glass, end of the handpiece in your mouth. When you draw in, air will flow over the element, it is heated and then passed over the herbs. when you draw the air into your lungs it will be hot and dense vapor depending on whether you packed your herbs in correctly. Depending on your taste, you may want to take your draw the best way you know how. Or how does the user manuals for the best vaporizers advise you to do it? Some propose that you turn the element full on and then take fast and short draws while others propose that you cool down the element a bit and then draw. It depends on who sold the herb vaporizer and what they advised. However you do your draw, you have already vaporized.

The process of vaporization cannot get any better than it is now. It is the best alternative to smoking and it is not only used by tobacco users, but it is also used in aromatherapy. This is where herbs are placed in the best vaporizers, and hot air is allowed to pass over them to create vapor. When it is drawn, the vapor goes straight to the bloodstream, thus creating the desired effect almost immediately. In simple language, vaporization, even when it is done in the cheap vaporizers, is heating up herbs to release their active ingredients without getting to combustion and the unwanted byproducts.

If not sure where to purchase your next vaporizer from, check out our Vaporizer Reviews page for some tips.

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